Equestrian Coaching

Competition coaching

Performing well at competition is the ultimate goal for lots of riders but can provide significant challenges psychologically. These barriers have a big impact on our physical ability to ride as well as we do at home and as such, impact our results. Coaching can help to level the mind, improve confidence and give you a strategy to overcome these barriers to aid you in achieving the scores you deserve. Gina’s 13-year full time career as a dressage rider, trainer, yard manager and international groom has provided her with a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer 360 support to all riders with individual goals. Since leaving the equestrian word full time, Gina has maintained regular teaching and riding but has had the opportunity to further understand people and their different needs for development. She has managed teams of up to 50 staff with huge success and become qualified as a performance coach. Her people coaching skills coupled with her equestrian knowledge make her a huge asset to any combination hoping to improve their performance in any area of the equestrian world and provide individuals with the tools they need to improve those competition results.


Equestrian Coaching

Knowledge is power! After spending years receiving riding lessons and dressage training with little understanding of why, Gina prides herself in providing training that makes sense. Everything that Gina teaches on or off the horse has logic. The work will build strong foundations to provide support for consistency and clarity with a clear focus on what is to come. Gina dressage training is fundamentally just best practice. Take the ‘dressage’ out and your left with the quality, straightforward education for riders to help them fully understand how to train a horse and provide a wealth of exercises and techniques to support progress.


Equestrian Mentoring

Often as a horse owner/rider we have questions beyond those specifically regarding riding which you might ask your instructor. Gina offers competition and general good practice mentoring. Having a mentor gives you the opportunity to ask any question, evaluate scenarios and have someone to bounce idea off as well as make plans for the future. Mentoring often comes after coaching when you are clear on your goals and how to achieve them but seek the confidence in having an experienced and wise person to help you with your progress. Mentoring session can be coupled with training sessions, in person or over the phone and are available at short notice so you get the support you need exactly when you need it.

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